Friday, February 21, 2014


Welcome to my winter sparkle blog hop reveal! This is my bracelet and Earrings that I created from the kit that I received. First you will see my finished pieces and below them are the supplies i had to start with that I added to from my collection. Plus the focal bead is an Art Bead I received from Kathleen Breeding who received it from someone else. so the focal has been passed on a couple times and works perfect in this wonderful piece. and THANK YOU Cloe Cessna for some of the wonderful photos of my finished piece with your camera on the hand in the photo box too! I love your pictures!!!
Below are the items I received in my packet of beads to use to create my pieces.
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  1. The perfect colors for a Winter hop. Cloe did an expert job Wednesday photographing this beautiful bracelet. I wonder if you will keep it or put it up for sale on your etsy?

  2. Wow~ that is a stunner, I'm a sucker for a nice 'cha-cha' style bracelet and you certainly did a nice job.

  3. Love the shades of blue and the heart charm.

  4. Quite a collection of beads you had to work with and all beautifully coordinated into your finished pieces. Someone will feel very special wearing them. Bravo, Heather!

  5. Very pretty- both the earrings and the bracelets fit the "sparkle" theme so well. Nicely done! Christie

  6. What a wonderfully jam-packed bracelet, and I love how you used those Sawrobski elements.

  7. The earrings and bracelet are so pretty, and I love the color on your sparkle kit

  8. Stunning bracelet, Heather! Fits the theme so well. The earrings are super pretty too. Thanks for being in the hop!

  9. What a lovely bracelet - so vibrant.
    I have to say that the earrings look like icicles - absolutely stunning.


  10. I love your bracelet and earrings. That focal is beautiful!

  11. Heather great job on your lush bracelet and beautiful earrings.

  12. The pieces are gorgeous. The blues with the clear crystals are standouts!

  13. Gorgeous bracelet really love the crystal and blues together.

  14. I love your lush charm bracelet and your perfectly matching earrings!