Saturday, September 28, 2013


Well Interesting week it has been! Sunday while beading at sweet beads we played with Cold Porcelain clay this was a lot of fun we made moon faces! Monday I took a class to make a beautiful bracelet with fire polish and swarovski crystals pictures are below! Tuesday I spent making charms for a charm swap needed 14 of these!!! Pictures posted after the swap so please stay tuned for that picture after the swap. Wednesday I made the brick bracelet from Beadwork quick and easy projects and a pair of my own earrings. Friday night was bead night! Oh what a night it was!!! I chose a cab that i had purchased when I still Lived in Maine. I brought it with me in hope to actually do a bead embroidery piece. This all came together I had my stone is porcelain jasper. i had it glued with E6000 to my Lacys Stiff Stuff. A very nice lady I was beading with let me have some of her palladium Delicas ( oh what a treat this was!!!!0 These delicas were absolutely perfect to use with this gorgeous yet expensive stone! Then another friend She had a piece of ultra Suede in Black... Oh so perfect!! This all came together. I bought some size 11 beads and drops and this piece is posted below. Yes I finished in in 1 evening!! I am so delighted with this piece. temporarily i put it on chain but this will be switched to a rope. I plan to make a mauve colored herringbone rope this week! enjoy the pictures from the week. Yes several orders came in of beautiful cabs so excited to use some.

Friday, September 20, 2013


It has been a quiet week Sunday I made a bracelet 3 pics posted below. this was a pattern by Shae Wilhite. She is fantastic! she has created some beautiful pieces I really enjoy beading in her store here in Las Vegas! Monday was Clay day! among the things I made was a pair of 18K gold owls. i posted apic below of these owls. Tuesday I made a beautiful ring that is a pattern by Ellad2. I posted a pic below as well. Not many pictures this week. over all a Quiet week.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13,2013

Time for the weekly update. This week I continued to make pieces. First I made Out of the box Pendant but Ellad 2. This piece was a bit of a challenge but worth it in the end. It is the piece on double chain and. They are detailed and easy to follow. Ella does a great job with details and wonderful picture.I love to do pieces from her patterns. I also made a piece called orbiting constellations. I bought the Kit at a local bead store ( yes my favorite one: Sweet Beads Here in Las Vegas!) I also and posting a picture of the pieces i received for the Blog Hop. I am excited to make something from these pieces. It is going to be alot of fun! Not alot of pictures this week but please enjoy what I have posted. Maybe more next week :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Well. its been a a week. not much to post this week. Sunday was bead with puppies ( black and white ones) at a local bead sotre. we had lots of fun and the puppies were so well behaved! I Beaded Zonnetje pendant by ellad2 (see pic below) on this day. Monday was a day to take a class. It is always a lot of fun to take a class. I really enjoy being able to take an occasionally class. In this class we made components to put with pearls and 8mm swarovski crystals to make a beautiful necklace.(see pic below). Tuesday I made OMBRE Bracelet! that was a lot of fun --Thank you Shae Wilhite for sharing this pattern. That night I came home and beaded 2 beaded beads that will go on a rope as soon as i make that. Also I received my crystals squares, a swap item, and lastly tonight I recieved my bead kits for the blog shop hop! I am so excited to work with these Pieces. But stay tuned Next week I will post a picture of the beads I received to use to make the piece for the hop!