Friday, May 30, 2014


If your looking for my BSBP8 here is the link:


Here is my Ocean Blog hop Reveal!!!
Here is the bead mix i received... little late posting left this part out but here is is now:

Welcome to the Ocean! I created this beautiful wall hanging that I will put into a shadow box and hang on my wall. This piece came about when i wanted a pretty 3-d ocean piece. I included a photo of the whole piece and close ups of different sections

Here are some earrings that I made :
Lastly here is the bracelet I made:
Thank you to Lisa for hosting this blog hop!!!
here is a list of  the other participants:

Ocean Blog Hop May 31st Reveal:
Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
Christie Searle Murrow, Charis Designs Jewelry
Kim Dworak, Cianci Blue
Karin Grosset Grange, Ginkgo et Coquelicot
Candida Elkins Castleberry, Spun Sugar Beadworks
Veralynne Malone, Designed by Vera
Monique Urquhart, A Half-Baked Notion
Katrina Taylor, I Wanna Go Out
Mary Ann Macri Jacobs, Trucksville Crafts
Jeanne Steck, Gems by Jeanne Marie
Ann Schroeder, Bead Love
Kathleen Breeding, 99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall
Marianne Baxter, Simply Seablime Jewelry
Terri Wlaschin, Dances in Fog
Margaret Pelech, Margaret Pelech's Ocean Blog
Jo-Ann Woolverton, It's a Beadiful Creation
Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design
Heather Richter, Desert Jewelry Designs

Andrea Glick-Zenith, ZenithJade Creations

If your looking for my BSBP8 here is the link:


  1. I especially like your earrings. Well done!

  2. Wow, I love the wall hanging, what an original way to use your soup. Your bracelet and earrings are wonderful!

  3. Your earrings and bracelet are very cute, but your wall hanging is amazing! Great work.

  4. Heather - that is a super nifty wall hanging! I love it when participants create unique pieces of art. I love the earrings and bracelet also - I would wear those frequently. Thanks for being in the hop!

  5. Love that hanging, Heather... the beads and charms add so much character :) You made the most of your inspiration package with lovely earrings and bracelet as well :)

  6. Wow!! I am so impressed with the wall hanging! How creative and beautiful! Great job! I also really love your earrings and your bracelet all wonderful for a beach vacation.

  7. Love that I am not the only one who broke the "make jewelry" rule. Love the wall hanging!

  8. Holy Canoli!!! That wall hanging is stunning. Did you draw and paint it as well?? Where does your awesomeness stop??? Sorry for late comments and delay in posting. My post is now up - please swing on by.

  9. I love how you were inspired yet again to make a bead embroidery work of art. To bead along side you in this challenge, was a special treat for me. I'm so happy that we're friends and get to bead together, be in the Las Vegas Bead Society and inspire one another.

  10. I'm late to the party, but wowser! That is one amazing creation! Using the beads in that way is so very cool! Christie

  11. Wall art...would never have thought it! Excellent job! I love it....I can see it hanging in a cottage in the Keys!!!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful wall hanging. Very pretty. And your bracelet and earrings are really cute. Very nice.

  13. What a unique and creative wall hanging . This is the first non jewelry design I've seen. Fabulous!

  14. OMG I love your wall hanging! That was so creative of you to use some of your beads to make this!

  15. Wow! What a fabulous wall hanging! So fitting for the blog hop! You were a very busy lady! :)