Friday, July 18, 2014

Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop

Welcome to my Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop Reveal!

I have been trying to stay out of my element with my designs for these block hops. I have been trying to change it up from my typical routine and create different projects. this time i have created a necklace, bracelet and earrings. there are 2 pairs of earrings. Thank you Kathleen for the 2nd pair. Kathleen and I spent time looking at our beads and creating together at our local bead store Sweet Beads here in Las Vegas.

Here are the pieces i had to work with from my kit i purchased:

Here is the necklace I created

Here is the Bracelet:

Finally here are the Earrings: ( Mine are on the Right, Kathleens are on the Left) thank you Kathleen :)

Kathleen and I had a great time creating together. I look forward to creating with Kathleen again too for our next blog hops. It seems there is a lot of inspiration in the room when we are creating :)

Please visit the rest of the blogs too. and thank you Lisa for organizing all these hops!!

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  1. I love the color combination you chose. That turquoise really pops and helps make your creations lovely and fun!

  2. Wow, that turquoise really compliments that jasper! What a lovely combination. I especially love that first necklace.

  3. I love the turquoise with the jasper. It's perfect. Beautiful pieces and I especially love the first necklace.

  4. Is that carnelian? And magnesite? The colors are beautiful together. Nice job.

  5. Beautiful pieces, the color combination is great and the multi strand necklace is beautifully designed

  6. Hi Heather, Your choice of turquoise with the red jasper was perfect. The two colors together make your pieces real attention getters. Great job.

  7. Wonderful color combinations. I especially like the bracelet.
    All your pieces have 'bling'.

  8. Wow, turquoise is the perfect complimentary colour for your gemstones.

  9. Absolutely beautiful. The Turquoise brings about an entire new look to the gemstones. Great job. Looks like you two make a great team as both earrings are awesome!!!

  10. That adventurine and turquoise work so well together! Love the necklace and earrings. stellar!

  11. I LOVE the color combination!!! It really makes both colors pop!!! I love the necklace too, great movement and texture! The bracelet and your earring make a great set! I love the earrings Kathleen made too!!! Have a blessed Day!!

  12. OOOoooOOO Love the turquoise with the red aventurine.... it really gives the gem some pop. I think what i learned is that RA is not "interesting" enough to stand on it's own. it needs something to make it pop and you did a smashing job with it!

  13. The turquoise really pops the earrings that you made. I'm glad that you enjoyed the earrings I threw together for you. We work well in our challenges together.

  14. Loving the subtle layering of necklace and color combinations. Great job!

  15. I would have been stumped with those beads. They are just far too yellow for me but when you added the turquoise, it brightened it all up and turned it into a gorgeous set.

  16. I love how you used blue to work with the red aventurine. It is the perfect compliment and really makes the stones pop. It is great that you and Kathleen got to work together, how fun!

  17. Pretty pieces, Heather! That is so fun that you got to create jewelry with Kathleen. I love the turquoise with the red aventurine. The bracelet is my favorite. I would wear that a lot. Thanks for being in the hop!

  18. Beautiful color combination - your pieces are lovely!

  19. Awesome looking pieces. That turquoise really makes your pieces pop! Great job. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love all of your pieces..but that fabulous chunky bracelet is a favorite!