Friday, September 5, 2014

Blue Fantasy AND Anchors Aweigh!!!!

Yes once again multiple blog hops in 1 weeks... Here is your 2fer!

First we will start with BLUE FANTASY!

Here is what i had to start with:
So i looked and looked at this beautiful palate and had many ideas. I set it aside. Suddenly I came down sick ( yes I been sick for a week!!!)  So while sick in bed i decided to play with my beads!!! well this is what i was able to come up with.

Usually i use most of the beads in my pack and some of my own but unfortunately this time I wasn't able to. I hope you do enjoy what I did create!!!


Yes 2 blog hops while sick!! Again beading in bed! all i could think of with anchors was Coral!! and i played away and this is what i came up with. A pair of earrings with beautiful pair of earrings with beautiful anchors made by suburban girl!

I hope you enjoy both of my posts links to participants in my blog hops are listed below please visit their blogs as well!


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  1. Me first! I get to comment first! LOL. It's so coordinating how both of these challenges have similar coloring and worked well for you. My favorite is the NECKLACE. I can totally see a famous model walking down the cat walk wearing just this necklace as their accessory in a white string bikini. You rocked this challenge.

  2. Hi Heather, Great job. I hope you are feeling better now. My favorite is the necklace. It is very unique and creative.

  3. Love all the designs especially those coral earrings! Those just rock!

  4. You made pretty darn good jewelry while sick, Heather! Hope you are feeling better soon. I am loving that chicklet bead necklace, and the anchor earrings are nifty too. Thanks for being in the Blue Fantasy Hop!

  5. Ugh, being sick during the Summer is No Fun! I hope you get better quickly now! You sure did create beautiful pieces despite not feeling up-to-par! Lisa sent you beautiful shades!..the bright blue necklace is my favorite!

  6. Hope that you are feeling better soon! I really love how you used the square blue beads in the necklace. Beautiful!

  7. Very fun pieces for both hops. And I hope you are feeling better!

  8. Great job while under the weather. Most would have skipped the event. Enjoyed the blue piece for the Blue Fantasy Blog hop...(cute earrings also)

  9. Wow, I am amazed at what you made while you were sick!! Great job on everything!! The anchors and coral earrings are my favorite, looks very realistic!! Love them! Gina H

  10. Great 'coral' earrings! Before reading the blog, that was my first reacting, coral... (-: Lovely colours... Take care.

  11. I love when people are doing more than one challenge because then I get to see twice as many great designs. Stopped by for the Anchors hop, and I adore that beaded coral. Those are some great statement earrings.

  12. oh wow love the idea of putting coral with your anchors! what a brilliant idea!! well done

  13. Beautiful and inspired designs, Heather... despite being under the weather, you rose to the occasion :) I have to add how incredible the "coral" looks with your earring pair!

  14. Lovely designs. I just love the coral earrings - they are my favorite.

  15. Very pretty and frilly. I love the coral, that really made the anchor charms just pop right out!

  16. Love your Coral and Anchor earrings!!! They are wonderful!!! A great color and texture with the anchors! Have a Blessed Day!

  17. Your anchors aweigh earrings really look like coral! Beautiful pieces!

  18. Love the coral! You picked a perfect color for it!

  19. I'm creating beaded coral right now too, and it isn't easy! Your coral is beautiful! Love the nautical theme of your earrings. And your blue fantasy jewelry is beautiful, too! Love the statement necklace!! You did a wonderful job creating while sick. Hope you are feeling better, my hearty!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Ahoy!! Rita

  20. Well for being sick, you did an awesome job on both challenges. I love the earrings from the Anchor challenge and you really knocked it out of the park with the necklace from the Blue challenge....I really like it!